ROKUA Skincare and Globus Department stores start cooperation in Switzerland.

Globus has become an institution in Switzerland. For more than 100 years, it has captivated its visitors with an exquisite and exclusive range of products for a luxurious lifestyle and with an unparalleled service. The company operates in all major cities in Switzerland. ROKUA is present in the TOP 8 houses of Globus including Geneva and Zürich.

ROKUA Skincare products are manufactured for men in the Nordics, under strict and high-quality standards. Certified natural and highly active ingredients such as blackcurrant seed oil come from the Nordic nature. 

“ROKUA Skincare develops products that meet the consumers’ needs and builds an interactive, responsible and appealing brand designed to create well-being for consumers and to take care of the environment with responsible and ecological choices and practices. Globus has great knowledge about the local consumers, and they are especially known for their high-quality product range. It´s great to start cooperation with Globus department stores and get our products widely available in Switzerland”, says ROKUA Skincare founder Jari Niitynperä.