The Pure Beauty Global Awards returned on the 31st May, with winners chosen by an expert panel of judges including Millie Kendall OBE, Caroline Hirons, and Lorraine Dallmeier.

ROKUA Skincare won all men’s categories at The Pure Beauty Awards in London. There were two categories for men’s products, the best men’s skin and body care product, as well as the best hair and shaving product. ROKUA Skincare Hydrating Face Gel was chosen as the best men’s skin and body care product. ROKUA Skincare Face Toner was also a finalist in the same category. ROKUA Skincare After Shave Serum won the best hair and shaving product category.

“We are thrilled about the success in the prestigious The Pure Beauty Global Awards 2022. It’s great to succeed in a competition that is not only for natural cosmetics and show that products made from high quality natural ingredients win over the traditional ones. Our goal is to develop the world’s best skincare range for men. The category of men’s skincare is growing, and men’s skin care needs have changed. We’ve invested in understanding those needs and it’s awesome to see that investment paying off. It’s great to prove that you can also make a high-quality skin care product responsibly”- Jari Niitynperä Founder of ROKUA Skincare

ROKUA Skincare is a Nordic men’s skin care brand whose products are manufactured in Finland in accordance with strict and high quality standards. Organic and highly active ingredients, such as blackcurrant seed oil, are Nordic raw materials from local nature.


Best men’s skin and body care product category

Winner – ROKUA Skincare Hydrating Face Gel

Finalist – ROKUA Skincare Face Toner


Best men’s hair and shaving product category

Winner – ROKUA Skincare After Shave Serum

Rokua Skincare brings two long-awaited innovations to men’s skin care.

Rokua Skincare brings two long-awaited innovations to men’s skin care.

Launched in 2019, the Nordic natural cosmetics brand Rokua Skincare, designed for men’s skin, will be complemented this spring with two long-awaited innovations. Face Toner and Hydrating Face Gel provide effective hydration and protection for winter-dried skin. Both new products are Cosmos Ecocert certified.

Face Toner is sprayed on the face after cleansing to provide extra hydration and soothe and balance the skin. The fine mist spreads evenly and feels pleasantly fresh and refreshing on the skin. The facial spray softens the surface layer of the skin while improving its ability to absorb the active ingredients of skin care products. The main raw material is vitamin C-rich blackcurrant seed oil, which is known for its antioxidant and skin balancing properties. Glycerol protects and cares for the skin. Xylitol increases the skin’s moisture balance while strengthening its own protective layer. The betaine from sugar beet protects the skin from dehydration and premature aging. The spray bottle is made of bio-based Green PE plastic.

Use: Spray Face Toner on the skin after washing the face, before applying moisturizer and other skin care products.

Tip: To soothe your skin after shaving, spray a few pumpings of Face Toner on your palms and gently apply the toner to your skin with your palms. Remember to use moisturizer and after shave serum! For very dry, sensitive and / or irritated skin, the product may be sprayed in several coats before applying other skin care products.


Packed in a compact and easy-to-use airless pump bottle, Hydrating Face Gel is a fast-absorbing moisturizer that leaves a pleasant, light feeling on the skin. Rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, blackcurrant seed oil nourishes and softens the skin. Betaine from sugar beet deeply moisturizes, and olive cavalane derived from olive oil treats the skin by strengthening its own protective layer and trapping moisture in the deeper layers of the skin. The pump bottle is made of PCR recycled plastic.

Use: Apply a few pumpings of Hydrating Face Gel to cleansed skin in the morning and evening.

Tip: Use Face Toner before applying the gel cream to give your skin effective extra moisture. Treat the skin around the eyes separately with Eye Boost.


Over the past 2.5 years, Rokua products have found a loyal customer base, and interest in natural cosmetics designed for men’s skin is clearly growing.

“We are constantly interacting with both Rokua retailers and consumers. An effective moisturizing and easy-to-carry face cream has been on our customers’ wish list for some time. There has also been a lack of moisturizing face toner tailored for men’s skin. There are various products for cleansing and, for example, soothing the skin after shaving, which are often quite strong, but young consumers who are especially interested in the well-being of their skin have longed for an easy-to-use moisturizing face toner in their own skin care routine. As a small player, we want to and have the possibility to respond quickly to the wishes of the field, ”says Jari Niitynperä, the founder of Rokua Skincare.

Rokua’s retail network has expanded quite extensively during these couple of years. The products are currently available from a number of online cosmetics stores, from the cosmetics departments of major department stores, and from wellness and lifestyle stores across Europe. Interest in Rokua is also growing rapidly outside of Europe: Rokua Skincare retailers can already be found in North America. The company’s goal for the current year is to give Nordic, high-quality men’s natural cosmetics a solid foothold in the international cosmetics market.

Inquiries, printable images and samples:

Jari Niitynperä, Hygge Nordic Oy 

+35840-189 66 99


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Parfumdreams operates in 14 countries and it is one of the biggest cosmetics retailer in Europe. “We are honored to be involved in providing new, innovative and environmentally friendly products to consumers in Europe together with Parfumdreams”Jari Niitynperä Founder of ROKUA SKincare

ROKUA Skincare starts Cooperation with Finnair


As of December 1st 2021, Finnair is bringing back pre-order shopping for long-haul and short-haul flights*! ROKUA Skincare is also included in the selection. You can conveniently pre-order online through the Finnair Shop and Finnair app before departure. They will safely pack and deliver your product during your next flight without any additional costs for delivery.

Finnair is one of the world’s oldest operating airlines. Finnair is proud to offer the fastest and most convenient gateway between Europe and Asia, via Helsinki. Finnair operates one of the youngest and most eco-efficient fleets and is a member of the oneworld alliance. As a forerunner in quality and regularity, Finnair will get you to places punctually. Finnair is able to offer the shortest and fastest flight connections between Europe and Asia due to the geographical location of Helsinki on the great circle route between the continents. Taking the short route via the uncongested Helsinki-Vantaa airport represents an environmentally positive choice.

ROKUA Skincare develops and manufactures products that meet the consumers needs and builds an interactive, responsible and appealing brand designed to create well-being for consumers, and to take care of the environment with responsible and ecological choices and practices. “We are proud to start cooperation with Finnair. It is important for us that our partners share the common values of quality and taking care of our environment”. Jari Niitynperä Founder of ROKUA Skincare

ROKUA Skincare and Globus Department stores start cooperation in Switzerland.

Globus has become an institution in Switzerland. For more than 100 years, it has captivated its visitors with an exquisite and exclusive range of products for a luxurious lifestyle and with an unparalleled service. The company operates in all major cities in Switzerland. ROKUA is present in the TOP 8 houses of Globus including Geneva and Zürich.

ROKUA Skincare products are manufactured for men in the Nordics, under strict and high-quality standards. Certified natural and highly active ingredients such as blackcurrant seed oil come from the Nordic nature. 

“ROKUA Skincare develops products that meet the consumers’ needs and builds an interactive, responsible and appealing brand designed to create well-being for consumers and to take care of the environment with responsible and ecological choices and practices. Globus has great knowledge about the local consumers, and they are especially known for their high-quality product range. It´s great to start cooperation with Globus department stores and get our products widely available in Switzerland”, says ROKUA Skincare founder Jari Niitynperä.


ROKUA Skincare has been successful in the international The Beauty Shortlist Award competition. Success came in two categories in men´s grooming. The ROKUA Skincare Face Wash was chosen as the winner in the Best Face Wash category. In the Best Moisturizer category, the ROKUA Skincare Face Moisturizer was chosen among the finalists.

“We are excited about the success in the prestigious The Beauty Shortlist Awards competition. Our goal has been to develop the best skincare range for men. The men’s skin care category is growing strongly, and consumer needs have changed. We have invested heavily in understanding the needs of consumers and it is great that this investment is also acknowledged internationally. ” – Jari Niitynperä, Founder of ROKUA Skincare

ROKUA Skincare products are manufactured for men, under strict and high quality standards in the Nordics. Our natural and highly active ingredients such as black currant seed oil are from Nordic nature and formulated from the highest quality domestically-sourced.

ROKUA Skincare Face Wash –

ROKUA Skincare Face Moisturizer –

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